VIP transport

Directors, company presidents, visits from other countries, regular or potential company customers and a long etcetera — for certain typical jobs and situations the need to count on a company that can guarantee a professional service for hiring a car with driver arises, given that it will be the first image that your company gives on this occasion, be it a scheduled company visit or meeting. Such situations, be they work-related or personal, demand personalised attention from the receipt of your call to the treatment received by the passenger from the driver.

At Black Cabs we have a fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles capable of transporting from 3 to 7 people in maximum comfort. A company that guarantees, in addition to your safety and the greatest comfort, that it will convey a good image while assuring you of the always essential punctuality.

We only have drivers and vehicles up to the image that you wish to project of your company. You can browse through the “Fleet” section of our website to check out the models we have available.

We can tell you now that we have VIP Mercedes-Benz vehicles of the new model E and S classes in elegant diplomatic blue and coal black, with beautiful Elegance finishes and, in addition, the seven-seat VIANO model van.

The only thing you have to do is chose the mode and make your reservation. We do the rest. From the protocol of image, the worry about the best route, meeting schedules and, of course, the best drivers placed at your disposal who assure you a perfect trip with no nasty surprises.

VIP Transfer

Do you need VIP transport to some type of event? Whether for a VIP vehicle for a celebration (wedding or another type of important anniversary) or for conferences, lectures and special events that require hiring a VIP car with driver, you can contact Black Cabs at any time. Trust our company as you would your own, as it has spent more than 10 years meeting every requirement demanded by every one of our customers.

Check out the services our company, Black Cabs, offers for yourself. Contact us to request an estimate without any obligation or reserve your place in one of our VIP cars with 24-hours advance notice. You can contact Black Cabs by telephone, e-mail or through the form we have available on our website. Black Cabs, 10 years of experience in renting VIP vehicles. Your trusted luxury vehicle company in Madrid.

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