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Black Cabs has a fleet made up of only luxury vehicles. Three luxury model cars that delight our customers. Each one of which adapts to different needs and demands, depending on the type of journey that one needs (weddings, celebrations, conferences, lectures or a single ride to the airport).

These are top-of-the-line cars which offer, thanks to our expert professional drivers, the maximum in safety and comfort and placing our company at your service. A serious company, accountable to the customer and which meets all the requirements of a distinguished service like that required in the hire of luxury cars with drivers.

If you need transport for a maximum of thee people, Black Cabs offers you two luxury vehicles, which are the Mercedes-Benz new classes E and S. They have all the amenities that a luxury car of this sort offers: tinted rear windows to assure the customer discretion, leather seats that guarantee excellent comfort, panoramic sunroofs and, in addition, are equipped with DVDs to make your journey as entertaining as possible.

If you need to travel with a team from work or, in general, accompanied by more people, Black Cabs offers you the magnificent Mercedes Class V, in which up to 7 people, counting yourself, can travel. All the cars are top of the line, excellent, and offer the customer a journey filled with comfort, safety, discretion and elegance. Vehicles in elegant diplomatic blue and coal black exteriors that will delight those who see you arrive at your event.

Do you have a question about our chauffeur-driven Mercedes car hire service? Don’t worry. You can contact us at any time, and we will answer all of your questions without obligation. Also, if you need to request an estimate, we offer one free of charge. Contact Black Cabs by any the means we offer.

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