VIP transport

Managers, Presidents of companies, internal visits from other countries, habitual or potential customers of your company and a long etc; for certain jobs and habitual situations, there is a need to have a company that can guarantee a professional car rental service with driver since it will be the first image that will receive your visit of the company or meeting that you have scheduled for that occasion. Personal attention from the reception of your call to the treatment received by the driver to the passenger, either for work or personal reasons.

In Black Cabs we have a fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles, capable of transporting 3 to 7 people in the most comfortable way. A company that guarantees, in addition to its security, the greatest comfort, that contributes and transmits image of face to the outside and whose punctuality is, in all the cases, an essential aspect to fulfill.

We only have drivers and vehicles that are up to the image you want to project your company. You can visit the “Fleet” section of our website to check our available models.

We anticipate that we have VIP vehicles of this brand, the new model class E and S in elegant diplomatic blue exterior and carbon black, with precious Elegance finishes and, on the other hand, minivan with seven seats available Mercedes-Benz model VIANO.

It is the only thing you will have to do: choose the model and reserve your place. The rest we put it ourselves. From all the image protocol, the concern for the best route, the fulfillment of schedules and, of course, the best drivers placed at your disposal that will guarantee you an impeccable route and without any fright.

VIP Transfer

Do you need a VIP transfer for some type of event? Whether you need a VIP vehicle for a celebration (wedding or other important anniversary) or for a congress, conference or special event that requires a VIP car rental with driver, you can contact Black Cabs at any time. Rely on a company like ours, which has accumulated more than 10 years fulfilling each premise required by each of our customers.

Check for yourself the services offered by our company, Black Cabs. Contact us to request a quote without any commitment or reserve your seat in one of our VIP cars up to 24 hours in advance. You can contact Black Cabs by phone, e-mail or through the form that we put at your disposal on our own website. Black Cabs, 10 years of experience in VIP vehicle rental. Your company of luxury vehicles in Madrid of confidence.

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