Documents delivery

Many times we need a car with driver for work reasons. Our businesses on multiple occasions are involved in a continuous transfer that makes it difficult to be punctual if we have to move by ourselves. In such cases, it is a good idea to think about renting vehicles with driver, whose company offers us much speed above all, but also reliability so that we can concentrate on our work without any other thing that goes through our head.

In addition to the reliability and speed with which the service is addressed, Black Cabs underlines the importance of not giving headaches to customers in relation to the delivery of documents, as well as ensuring the absolute discretion of the customer. For this, our luxury vehicles have tinted rear windows.

Our company offers you our exclusive services of luxury car rental with driver. Black Cabs puts at your disposal a varied fleet of luxury cars within three different models: Mercedes of the new class E and S in an elegant blue diplomatic exterior and charcoal black, with fine Elegance finishes. We have another different option in the Mercedes-Benz V class minivan, having several options for different customer requirements.

Contact us to request more information or, if you wish, to book your car with driver directly. You can make the reservation 24 hours in advance and by any of the ways (on this web page, by phone or to our email) that you have to contact or reserve your vehicle with Black Cabs.

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